Címkék: lg férfi olvasó szemüveg, a tervezők, szemüveges nő 2020, üveg férfiak, a keret fele, uvlaik progresszív szemüveg, multifokális olvasó szemüveg fém, f olvasó szemüveg, férfi, bifokális szemüveg üveg, atago, kompakt anti kék fény szemüveg.

4 800 Ft 6 000 Ft
  • Készleten
  • w420

  • Lencsék Optikai Tulajdonság: Photochromic
  • Szemüveg Típus: Olvasó Szemüveg
  • Lencse Anyaga: A CR-39
  • Elem Típusa: Szemüveg
  • Lencse Szélessége: 5.4 cm
  • Lencse Magasság: 3.2 cm
  • Bevonat: HMC
  • Modell Száma: T545
  • Lencse Szín: Fehér
  • Márka Név: EVUNHUO
  • Keret Anyaga: Rozsdamentes Acél
  • A nemek közötti: Unisex

Lenses look good but I don't get used to multifocal lenses, but that's my problem. The shipment was very fast and I'm very grateful.
Very pleased with the delivery. To Krasnodar the order reached 10 days.
Gavno is rare, in vain I spent 1000 rubles, in them you can definitely lose the rest of the view. In the usual, bought in the grocery supermarket for 300 rubles is much more comfortable. Here you look like a pipe, a very narrow sector of vision, in the laptop you can see sharply only the middle of the screen, left and right are all splitting, need to turn the whole head, to see what's left and then the opposite side of what's right. After 15 minutes, the head begins to hurt and the eyes just fall off such a strain
Kireev Am
Fantastic product which arrived safely. Excellent quality made with good quality material. Fits perfectly, but have not tested them outside in the sun to of the Photochromic aspect of it yet. Hopefully they work well when I’m traveling. Excellent eSeller. A+..highly recommended product, and will buy again if need to.

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